Advise Please on Printer Ink Cartridges

guitarmansolo, Jan 13, 8:38am
Advise Please on Printer Ink Cartridges Please can anyone give me any info regarding all he auctions on Trade Me for Brother Ink Cartridges. They all say Brother compatable. How guenuine are these and are they worth buying.

lostdude, Jan 13, 8:43am
Compatible means just that. It's compatible but NOT a genuine Brother product. Made elsewhere by who knows. As long as it's new then you should be fine (for replacement warranty) but the quality of ink is always questionable.

deodar, Jan 13, 8:47am
How am I supposed to know about all the F&*()++ Ink Auctions? Goink is ok in my book,
bought heaps off him all good trades
& cartridges as good as......

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