error installing CS4 free trial

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 12:00am
Error installing CS4 free trial I downloaded the free trial for photoshop from the adobe website and im having a heck of a time installing it. I get the error "setup has encountered an error and cannot continue". I have googled this and tried everything,i downloaded the latest version of windows installer and that wont install either,says its the wrong version for my operating system,which is vista home basic 32 bit.I have tried running it as administrator as well but still get the same error,any ideas?

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 1:10am
Bump back up no have any ideas?

jmpcwiz, Jan 14, 2:06am
Pretty dead at the moment on here Wait till the evening. Everyones out enjoying the weather! Woohoo! Its boiling and now off camping :D

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 2:10am
Cheers! have fun!! After more looking into this it seems the problem may be with windows installer. I cant get it to start in services it tells me incorrect filepath,now im really scratching my head!

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 10:06am
Bump back up for the night crew,can anybody help please?

thecrazybaker, Jan 14, 10:20am
I had to turn off Eset Smart Security on My Vista PC to get CS4 Full Version to install properly.

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 10:38am
This is what the "problem reports and solutions" gave me......
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: msiexec.exe
Application Version: 4.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47918d31
Fault Module Name: msiexec.exe
Fault Module Version: 4.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 47918d31
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000019b8
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 5129
Additional Information 1: 6397
Additional Information 2: a7081bc91b6d1ff4108a5ad90cfc9d60
Additional Information 3: 6397
Additional Information 4: a7081bc91b6d1ff4108a5ad90cfc9d60

Files that help describe the problem

I dont know what this means,its all way above my head,im really hoping someone out there knows what my problem is

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 10:40am
Holy shyte,that looks a mess!!! i can get a screenshot of the report if anyone thinks they may be able to help me *gets down on knees and prays* LOL

michael200, Jan 14, 7:54pm
Try this...............Go to program files/common files/adobe/adobe pcd/cache

Remove the cache and try another install. I think this is for XP so you may have to search for the Adobe PCD file on Vista but that's not hard. Good luck.

hit-and-miss, Jan 14, 11:46pm
Thanks for the suggestion michael,but i have searched my computer for the adobe PCD and it seems there isnt one. Seems the problem is with windows installer though as i cant install anything that uses windows installer. Tried system restore but it would only let me go back 1 day :-(

thecrazybaker, Jan 15, 12:08am
I know you have downloaded the latest, but are you installing from a folder on your pc or from a disk. Also have you tried disabling your anti virus as this can cause issues sometimes depending on what you use.

hit-and-miss, Jan 15, 12:48am
I am installing from my hard drive and no i havent tried turning off my antivirus,but will give that a go. I dont think its the CS4 exe thats the problem though,its the windows installer with the issue. Shall report back! lol

hit-and-miss, Jan 15, 12:54am
Nope didnt work

thecrazybaker, Jan 15, 1:25am
I got the link below from a forum discussing vista windows installer issues. could be worth a run if you have not already done so. I am probably preaching to the choir but remember to restart your pc after you install/uninstall anything.

hit-and-miss, Jan 15, 4:56am
Hey thanks for your help!! but i did download that yesterday and cant install it LOL. Think ive read just about every forum on the subject but still nothing works.I am beginning to wonder if theres a damaged registry key or something,might just have to save everything i want to keep on my HD and do a system recovery i think,looks like thats going to be my only option.All for a blardy trial version of CS4 aye!!!!

guest, Aug 4, 4:31am
Ehh dunno if I am just not smart enough but I have added a clopue of sources, but I dont see any more apps that I can install.Is there are trick to make this work beyond what is mentioned on these pages?My phone is JailBroken and I have other apps installed just fine.

guest, Aug 4, 11:44pm
You know, all these problems make it sound like Construct is just too buggy to be worth it. When you falnliy get the game uploaded, you should write an article about all the problems you faced, as a warning to anyone considerying using it.Construct: It Might Just Break You!

guest, Aug 7, 2:04am
Actually, not really. Construct is still in pre-1.0, but it's wnredofully powerful and easy to use. You must remember that no-one has ever built something in Construct on this scale before. I'm pretty much in unknown territory here.

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