windows vista help please

flick4, Mar 31, 4:23am
Windows vista help please Can anyone please help me here.My computer has started up and the screen is upside down and everything appears in safe mode.It was perfectly alright when i used it this morning

sambo54, Mar 31, 4:25am
Did you just do a windows update?? hope not.

flick4, Mar 31, 4:32am
Not to my knowledge but my wife could have done anything as the problem arose after she had been playing with it

pheonix, Mar 31, 4:55am
Not sure, but while you wait, see if it is like XP Hold down the Ctrl key while hitting the up arrow key.

flick4, Mar 31, 5:19am
Tried that Thes in the direction of the screen moves with the arrows ie scroll down it does go down but everything is still upside down

charles.j, Mar 31, 5:29am
.... tried the nvidia or ati settings? what about the actual monitor settings...?

pheonix, Mar 31, 5:33am
Look in your video adaptor settings for screen rotation. Also right-click on empty desktop and select properties. See if you can adjust the settings. If that isn't possible, sounds like you need to install your video card drivers again.

pcfix4u, Mar 31, 5:34am
Worth a try please press ctrl=alt+ up arrow on your keyboard

flick4, Mar 31, 5:49am
Pcfix4u You are a legend mate.Thanks alot it is now upright so i can read it without standing on my head.All i need to do now is widen the screen.The display is about an inch in from the outside of the monitor

flick4, Mar 31, 5:55am
All fixed Thanks for your help people everything is running perfectly.

pcfix4u, Mar 31, 6:04am
U R most welcome but the wife some flowers

flick4, Mar 31, 6:57am
I would still love to know what she did to it.Any ideas so i can remind her not to do it again.

pcfix4u, Mar 31, 7:44am
Hi flick4 she might have pressed ctrl=alt+ up arrow on your keyboard LOL and apparantly if you right click on desktop blank space and go to properties,, advance in there is a switch,, relating to display adapter,,

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