T Stick Broadband access via 2 laptops..

T Stick Broadband access via 2 laptops.. Hi, does anyone know if you can have 2 Telecom T Sticks and 2 laptops and access the Internet from the same account, assuming that only 1 laptop was in use at any one time. Ta

geek_oropi, Jan 15, 9:32 am

Each of the the sticks will have a different cell number as that is how they connect to the cell network. They will both be on the same account but i would be assuming you are going to pay for two monthly rentals as they are effectively two different connections. Best call telecom and ask them to clarify but my guess is as above.

geek_dveditor, Jan 15, 9:43 am

ThanksI did call but spoke to someone from Alpha Centuri who didn't speak a word of english (except hello) and had no idea.. I also e-mailed but don't expect a response within 24-48 hours.. If any. Your point seems very valid thoughCheers...

geek_oropi, Jan 15, 9:46 am

Considering Telecon charge you an arm, you'd think they would have better call centres with that money.

geek_mone, Jan 15, 9:49 am