ACER ASPIRE ONE AOA150-BB BLUE MINI NOTEBOOK Can anyone give me some feedback on this little computer. Any good or what..???? Thanks.

geek_anndi7, Jan 15, 10:21 pm


geek_shrapz, Jan 15, 10:23 pm

What do you want it for? It depends what you want it for to as if its any "good" its apparently a nice portable, I have a little eee 701, which for what I use it for, a ultra portable netbook, it is great. Would not want it as my main Laptop though.

geek_ctnz, Jan 16, 8:46 am

I have one and it's fantastic for basic stuff like email and web browsing. The keyboard on the Acer is much more usable than the Asus 70x, 90x (about the size of a 1000) and the screen is also pretty good for its size (glossy finish aside)

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 16, 10:48 am