Printing from Picasa 3

gildon, Jan 17, 12:01am
Printing from Picasa 3 I have a HP C6280 printer which is working beautifully with everything except when I try to print a photo directly from Picasa. I click on 'Print' and the multi-coloured line comes up in the lower RH corner of the screen, together with the printer icon. When the line gets to end it promptly disappears and so does the printer icon. No problem printing from anywhere else. It appears to be a problem between the printer and Picasa. Anyone able to help?

gildon, Jan 17, 4:44am
BumpingHope someone can help.

0800xford, Jan 17, 5:25am
do picasa have a forum or FAQ or help site or tutorial anywhere you can look at. maybe it's a known problem.

gildon, Jan 17, 7:04am
Yes, they do Oxford I have been on it and asked the same question but so far no success. Apparently they send an email when someone answers the query. It is a forum site with users logging into.

gildon, Jan 21, 7:34am
...Still hopeful someone can help.

datoofairy, Jan 21, 7:40am
Perhaps you could try contacting HP It might not be a specifically Picasa based problem.

janette10, Jan 21, 7:44am
I dont print using picasa, i print through my printing from espon,

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