MOZILA THUNDERBIRD - question I am with slingshot, and my slingshot mail comes into my outlook express. My son has a yahoo email addy and he checks this at the yahoo website. He now has a laptop and he wants to have his yahoo email come into his mozila thunderbird when he logs online. I cant figure out how he should set up the accountlike what do I put as the pop3 etc? Can anyone advise?

geek_feynicks, Jan 17, 7:49 am

Through my Yahoo I am told to upgrade to 'Mail Plus' for $2 a month if I want pop3 access. Im sure theres a work around howeversearching...

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 17, 7:51 am

Here you go: I think I used them in the past once, or something similar. Give it a try.

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 17, 7:53 am

2. Yeah. Hotmail are the same. Another vote for Gmail methinks.

geek_badcam, Jan 17, 7:56 am

Can't you re-direct your yahoo mail to your slingshot address? I have have 2 or 3 different yahoo address that come through Thunderbird.

geek_lindskii, Jan 17, 8:03 am

Have to pay Yahoo for forwarding/redirect:(

geek_jmpcwiz, Jan 17, 8:05 am

Thanks for input I dont want his mail coming to my email inbox We want it to be dragged into his email box when he goes online. But I shall show him this thread and let him work out whats possible from replies. Appriciated input. :)

geek_feynicks, Jan 17, 8:25 am