HP Deskjet Printer

louisewa23, Jan 17, 8:01pm
HP Deskjet Printer argh! i cannot turn it off or unplug it, or else an error message comes up every time and just keeps flashing up making it near impossible to do anything! taken me a good 5 mins to type this

kevin16, Jan 17, 8:07pm
Shutdown, disconnect the printer restart, what error message?, we a short of details so you have to tellus

louisewa23, Jan 17, 8:08pm
Sorry, it keeps coming up with at the moment, you are low of colour ink, but when we were not low of ink, it came up with, your printer is disconnected.

nzmu, Jan 17, 8:11pm
Have you been using something other than HP ink? some of these machines now get real specific with the ink you use.

louisewa23, Jan 17, 8:12pm
Nope only hp ink don't think it's that, it is more the messages that just keep coming up when it is turned off or disconnected

pcmaster, Jan 17, 8:13pm
Whats the model number and the exact error msg?

kevin16, Jan 17, 8:14pm
The model and the OS we know the messages,..

pcmaster, Jan 17, 8:21pm
Didnt read post properly my bad...

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