Have a new toy. Thinking w/less access point

Have a new toy. Thinking w/less access point What I need to know is this. The item does not have Wireless but it will connect to Ethernet. Can I hook it up to Wireless router via a cable and go from there?
Hope that makes some sort of sense. If not shall ask questions as they come.

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 9:55 am

Or get a wireless card If you have a spare port, you can probably hook it up with an ethernet cable. I'd look at getting a wireless PC card or a USB adapter though, much more convenient. Unfortunately my AP died so I'm having to connect the laptop with ethernet. what a pain.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 18, 10:00 am

Just wht is this toy ? .

geek_drcspy, Jan 18, 10:00 am

It is a Dvico HD-M5000U

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 10:13 am

What toy? thats sort of critical as it may not be self supporting,..

geek_kevin16, Jan 18, 10:13 am

Already have a wireless modem/router Just need a way to hook it up to the HD-M5000U.

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 10:14 am

OKwell obviously others might know without having to look up what a Dvico HD-M5000U is...lol I can't be bothered it's Sunday.

geek_soodanim, Jan 18, 12:38 pm

ConfusedYou should be able to connect it to the wireless router via ethernet, but then it's not wireless...What was the question again? Do you want wireless or just a way to connect it...? Whatever "IT" is...lol

geek_soodanim, Jan 18, 12:43 pm

Knew I would confuzzle people with explanation Can I connect it to the wireless device with ethernet cable then pick up stuff of the computer over the wireless network? Sort of like a bridge I suppose

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 12:56 pm

Link to hom epage http://www.tvix.co.kr/Eng/Products/HDM5000U.aspx

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 12:57 pm

And it says supports file transer via LAN so why do you think it wouldn't work..?

geek_soodanim, Jan 18, 1:00 pm

And it has USB 2.0 don't know if a wireless adapter would work tho....

geek_soodanim, Jan 18, 1:05 pm

Thats My question Is it possible to hook something up to a Wireless router and use that instead of connecting via cable? Or is there more to it than that?

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 18, 3:50 pm

You can get another wireless router on the dvico and then set it to mesh network with the main one. Its called multipoint bridging or wds depending on the router. You just put them on the same channel, same encyption, same ssid and put the mac address of the other one into the bridging section.

geek_richms, Jan 18, 5:40 pm

Yes but how is he going to connect it to a wireless router?

geek_soodanim, Jan 18, 10:55 pm

Any suggestions? Still trying to work this out before I go off spending money on something that may or may not work.

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 19, 11:34 pm

So it the wireless router connection to any devices? If not, stick the router near it and use a cable. Cables better speeds for file transfer anyway.

geek_soodanim, Jan 19, 11:38 pm

You get 2 wireless routers and put the WDS link between them, that will bridge the 2 networks thru the wireless, and everything should just work as if directly connected.

things that do wireless client mode like the old xbox adapters etc do it with mac spoofing and a lot of things will fail over them, like uPNP media servers will often not have their announcements make it thru a wireless client device since they dont do broadcast ethernet frames.

geek_richms, Jan 20, 12:05 am

But the device he has doesn't have wireless...so how it's going to connect to the router...?

geek_soodanim, Jan 20, 12:07 am