New ADSL BROADBAND PLAN Am currently with xnet and i had enough from tomorrow onwards i will change my plan, I heard Worldnet was good, Please suggest best company you are happy with now,, Want to spend $45 a months.thanks

geek_computer___guy, Jan 18, 10:18 pm

slingshot akcbd here

geek_0800xford, Jan 18, 10:38 pm

Adsl I pay $90 per month for phone line-no number change- and 20 gig adsl 2 which is twice as fas t as my previous slingshot. Free nationwide calling to home phones included.

geek_sanders4, Jan 19, 7:40 am

3Who are you with?

geek_badcam, Jan 19, 7:42 am

Slingshot here as well Been with them for a while and no problems at all. Speeds slower at peak times but no problems other than that.

geek_fraseroz1, Jan 19, 8:23 am

Vodafone here. No problems at all. Line does cut out from time to time but I can blame that one on Labour. 4015kb/s

geek_pixma, Jan 19, 9:02 am