Help please... new computer old printer

harley1davidson, Jan 20, 7:00am
Help pleasenew computer old printer Hi. Just hoping someone can give me some help?:o) I have a new computer, and want to connect it to the printer I already had, but have lost the software/disc that went with it. I know nothing about computers and was hoping someone might know how to get it working? The printer is Epson Stylus C87. Thanks!!

vtecintegra, Jan 20, 7:02am
Take a look here - You should be able to download the software

kiwi_fisherman, Jan 20, 7:03am
Download the drivers From and put in model number for the driver search

harley1davidson, Jan 20, 7:23am
Thank you both butI have tried to download it from the Epson site it just doesn't seem to be workingnot sure what I could be doing wrong?...

lostdude, Jan 20, 7:26am
What OS? If Vista, then I doubt Epson have updated all their old generation printer drivers for Vista compatibility.

oldman, Jan 20, 7:32am
You can download the drivers from here just follow the directions on screen. There are apparently not drivers for the Vista operating system.

harley1davidson, Jan 20, 7:46am
HmmmIt says the operating system is Windows XP and I am able to download the file then it tells me 'unzip' itAnd the printer still does not show up or work. I think I might leave it to try again tomorrow before getting too frustrated LOL! Thanks again for everyone's help.

gbbrot, Jan 20, 8:53am
Download the 32 bit file and install.

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