alex2300, Jan 21, 11:36pm
My new AC ADAPTER for my dell inspiron 2200 laptop. I plug it in, the green light goes on....plug it into the laptop.....laptop starts to flicker and doesn't seem to want to run on the adapter. Does the adapter need to be charged when you buy it? or why would it not work for me?

sakkara, Jan 21, 11:50pm
Ac adaptor is only a power supply has no internal battery !
sounds like your connection is lose try moving the plug around in your laptop socket and see if that fixes the problem

got2bin2win, Jan 22, 12:24am
Is it the right amperage power adapter for the laptop? and i don't mean volts, whats the amp out put ?

deodar, Jan 22, 1:11am
Yeah,1ma makes a difference. & the symptoms are its struggling for
power.They happily sell wrong adapters,I waited 4 months to get the
right one out of some outfit.

richms, Jan 22, 2:59am
Is it a real dell adapter or one of the many counterfeit ones sold on here and ebay and the rest of the net?

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