HELP!!! My PC won't let me copy files

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 8:08 am
HELP!!! My PC won't let me copy files and I need to get photos onto discs urgently. It's only just starting doing it and I've spent all arvo trying to fix it but I give up. If there is a guru out there who can suggest something I will be so greatful.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jan 22, 8:19 am
Have you run programs like ccleaner to clear any problems with registry? what about malwarebytes anti malware to check for problems. is your antivirus and firewall up to date? what operating system are you running? Windows, Linux, Apple OSx?? more information always useful in trying to solve problems for others

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 8:27 am
Yeah true!! Running Windows XP and all the malware stuff is foreign to me. I always thought I was quite computer literate but when it comes to this stuff, I don't know!!

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 22, 8:27 am
QuestionsXP? What do you mean "copy". Do you mean burn to CD or DVD? Have you done this before? How - Nero, drag & drop?

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 8:44 am
I copy photos from folders in my C drive to E(CD) drive and then burn them. I am a photographer and have been doing it this way for a couple of years and now it just won't let me. Maybe I should download Nero?

geek_harry, Jan 22, 8:47 am
Copy to CD What error message are you getting?

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 8:50 am
It sayswindows encountering a problem when trying to copy this folder.

geek_harry, Jan 22, 9:01 am
Error message Typical useful MS error....Could be a file in use or system folder (such as the thumb nail file), close all other apps. Could be the CD, tried another?
Create another folder and try to copy the items into it.

Try selecting individual files, rather than the folder and copy these.

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 9:13 am
Mmmmmm have tried lots of CD's and doing files individually. Will try the new folder thing but I don't think that will work........

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 22, 9:23 am
How much space left on c:? maybe you need to free up some room. Run CCleaner if you have it. Or do Start, Run, %temp% (enter). Shift-Delete all files and folders older than today.

geek_krizz, Jan 22, 9:41 am
Aaaarrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh have tried nearly all of the above, any other ideas??

geek_harry, Jan 22, 9:45 am
Source files What was the result of the attempt to copy them to a new folder? Same error? If so, could be a corrupt sector or other HDD problem. I had a similar issue once, and down loaded Spinrite from (paid for), it needs to create a bootable floppy or CD which you boot to and it runs a check over the HDD.

geek_harry, Jan 22, 9:49 am
Other thing One thing, done a complete shut down power off and restart? Risk is the machine doesn't come back to life and then you know you've got problems...sorry can't help more.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 22, 9:50 am
Have you tried the "common fix" of rebooting the computer?

geek_daashyte, Jan 23, 2:43 am
This may help Try ccleaner to tidy it up, but use spybot search and destroy, that usually does the best analysing and removal of system probs, of course make sure you also have a good virus program that is run daily

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