Can you replace Canon MPC190 Printer Heads

superoma, Jan 22, 9:05am
Can you replace Canon MPC190 Printer Heads I think mine need replacing as black lines are missing when I print a test sheet, or is it better to get a new printer?

harry, Jan 22, 9:11am
MPC 190 I think these types of printers just need the ink cartridge replaced, sound like you've run out of ink...

superoma, Jan 22, 9:17am
Have put new ink cartridges in the printer head can be removed separately.

namtak, Jan 22, 9:35am
# 1 I take it you have tried cleaning the printer nozzles. If you have to buy a new printer head it may possibly be expensive and a new printer may well be an option.

harry, Jan 22, 9:37am
Replace? if your printer is older than a couple of years, then I'd get a new one.

superoma, Jan 22, 9:40am
Thanks for suggestions and help! will get a new printer.

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