My printer (Canon ip4200) is flashing the error

My printer (Canon ip4200) is flashing the error light 5 times. I can't work out what is wrong with it. I have just put in a new black cartridge and it seems to be in correctly and the cartridge light is on. Do you know what the 5 flashes mean? Thanks. BTW I have tried googling this but having no luck finding what I need.

geek_alimick, Jan 23, 12:27 pm

Hmmm From the service manual - 5 flashes is that the printhead is not aligned properly. Control Panel, printers, right click the printer, properties, maintenance tab.

geek_soodanim, Jan 23, 1:12 pm

Ooppsss no don't. Just make sure the printhead is installed properly.

geek_soodanim, Jan 23, 1:13 pm

Well I have taken it out several times and put it back in. It seem ok and the light is one so I thought is should be ok.

geek_alimick, Jan 23, 1:33 pm

Onnot one.

geek_alimick, Jan 23, 1:34 pm

ip4200 orange light flashing 5 times?
how do i reset, will not print. Say cancel print and turn printer off and on and try again.

But no working?

geek_guest, Sep 27, 7:29 pm

Many thanks to you geeks who try to help poor souls like me,I tried your advice on why my canon ip4850 printer had stalled showing error B200 but it hasn't worked any other ideas? Or shall I take the wifes? (*****)

geek_guest, Mar 11, 5:30 am