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unstop, Jan 23, 9:05am
Is it possible to have too adsl routers and run them both? as i am tired of linking a cable from upstairs to downstairs to use the internet. Yes i do have wireless but the signal is poor. I was told that i can get another adsl router for downstairs and use it, will it work? thanks

swivel, Jan 23, 9:06am
NOone ADSL per line

qfamily, Jan 23, 10:05am
A network switch might do However. Have managed to set one up for myself

swivel, Jan 23, 10:08am
Yep connect it via NW cable and set it to get the DHCP from the ADSL modem

unstop, Jan 23, 10:09am
Net work switch? can you explain ? is that a device or a software or file you create in your computer?

r.g.nixon, Jan 23, 10:13am
An "ethernet switch" is a small box that you can plug say 2-8 network cables into. We have an 8 port one with 5 computers and Xbox360 all connected to the internet at the same time. The ADSL modem also plugs into it.

unstop, Jan 23, 10:21am
But my wireless rounter already has 4 ports for the network cable. but it is upstairs i just want to get another rounter or is there another way for me to get the net downstairs withour using wireless as i perfer cable?

unstop, Jan 23, 10:24am
Just search up ethernet switch on trademe it looks like another rounter tho where you have ports for network cable and phone cable and power.

skin1235, Jan 23, 10:25am
The only limiter is that only one can be active at a time, yes you can have 2, one upstairs one down, the unused one must be turned off at the wall

unstop, Jan 23, 10:27am
Thanks number 9 can you turn it off from he computer? as if you have to turn it off from the wll sureli its like using 2 routers just turn the 1 you are using on.

soodanim, Jan 23, 10:28am
Wiredwhat's the distance? you could use a long network cable.

gibler, Jan 23, 10:29am
Well run the ethernet cable through your walls/ roof/floor whatever then. If you have more than one machine downstairs, then throw a network switch on the end of the cable. If you didn't want to run cable, maybe one of those ethernet of power kits. Or simply boost the wireless signal ..maybe a repeater..etc.

skin1235, Jan 23, 10:36am
I'm not sure what your last post was actually saying lol...- there must be only one turned on at a time -- sorry it will have to be a manual turn off, selecting a different router is not possible via the computer (choose router one or router 2 to connect, it is not quite like having a couple of dialup modems to choose from) .. whichever one is turned on will send a signal through the line and be accepted, once accepted it has control of the line until it is turned off, no other can be accepted while the first is still turned on

soodanim, Jan 23, 10:39am
That'll only work tho if all your jackpoints have adsl enabled...If you had a dedicated jackpoint installed then you won't be able to connect a second router to the phoneline.

soodanim, Jan 23, 10:42am
How bad is the signal? low or frequent disconnections?

skin1235, Jan 23, 10:45am
There are other solutions for your problem and personally I'd use a switch but you asked if 2 routers could be used on the same line, the answer is yes,, there must only be one turned on at any given time and you may also have to remove and fit the correct line filter to suit the upstairs downstairs senario, but yes it can be done

richms, Jan 23, 2:12pm
The one not in use must be unplugged from the line, not just turned off, it is not filtered so will be sucking signal off the line when connected to it and the other one is trying to be used.

Just run an ethernet cable between the router and the computer.

pc_nut, Jan 23, 2:18pm
Or. you could just move the router closer to were you want the wireless connected. depending on if there is enough wire to allow considerable movement to another location or use a larger/ better router wifi antenna

drcspy, Jan 23, 2:47pm
Google cantenna.....or buy a signal booster...

got2bin2win, Jan 23, 10:18pm
To every body out there who suggests using a switch to share broad band? and i see it suggested time & time again, it is not a GOOD idea, use a router NOT a switch even though it may work, put quite simply here is why not to..

little_egypt, Jan 23, 10:22pm
Duh ADSL routers generally use NAT which means you'll never see a packet come to your computer unless it's a reply to something you sent out. the ADSL bot is a 'router' as well as a modem. You don't need a second router.

little_egypt, Jan 23, 10:25pm
And in reply to There's also a way of networking over power lines which has been mentioned here in the past. Eg

r.g.nixon, Jan 23, 10:26pm
Thanks, I was about to post similar &0;

got2bin2win, Jan 23, 10:26pm
21 ok it will depend on what type of modem you use, like for cable users like my self which is just a modem, no routing abilities.

datoofairy, Jan 23, 10:29pm
This may be not relevant but I'll say it anywayOur desktop, with wireless pc card, used to get low signal strength. I bought a 1m extension cable from flick13 and moved the wireless antenna up higher. Now the desktop and the laptop at opposite ends of the house both consistently get full strength. A low cost, easy solution.

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