Windows Vista PC: 512MB vs. 1GB Memory

Windows Vista PC: 512MB vs. 1GB Memory

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 12:17 pm

amazing what $20 of memory can do.

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 12:17 pm

Couldn't watch it til the end the music soundtrack was so messed up, unlistenable and unwatchable too.

geek_kylestyle, Jan 25, 1:12 pm

I just muted it anyway. Proves a good point though if you are interested.

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 1:16 pm

Hmm yeah however The CPU was a pissy Celeron. Our Pentium 4s were running Vista with 512MB and 1GB and there wasn't a great deal of difference between the two at bootup.

geek_evoeater, Jan 25, 1:46 pm

you'd be surprised at the diff. and extra 512 can make, the only difference in lappy was the ram.

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 1:51 pm

In some cases yes I'm not refuting that, I'm just pointing out the experience I had when our P4s were trialing Vista. The extra 512MB while helpful didn't really do much to boost the startup time

geek_evoeater, Jan 25, 1:53 pm

what was the speed of the P4's though?

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 1:58 pm

3GHz Not slow for the time, but not fast either.

geek_evoeater, Jan 25, 2:00 pm

Yep. 1-2GB would really see vista run good. Anything over 2GB is wasted, imho.

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 2:03 pm

In our case The additional 512mb wasn't necessary until we added the Antivirus, then it started to bog down when loading the desktop. For basic internet/office use 1GB with a mid range CPU is fine. 2GB+ for games but they always want as much as poss regardless of OS

geek_evoeater, Jan 25, 2:07 pm

Yea, I'd say 1-2GB for non-gamers. I don't game though so I don't need anything past 2GB

geek_pixma, Jan 25, 2:08 pm

Woop forgot to mention We were running without an AV for quite a while (2-3 weeks). Yeah yeah naughty naughty but it did highlight the effect an AV has on performance

geek_evoeater, Jan 25, 2:13 pm