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nutty-jay, Jan 25, 1:43am
Compaq or Acer laptop |??? opinions please

osymandias, Jan 25, 1:44am
Red or black car???? opinions please

nutty-jay, Jan 25, 1:45am
Lol black my stepdad says to steer away from compaq, i dont understand why

drcspy, Jan 25, 1:58am
Asus .

osymandias, Jan 25, 2:00am
If anything avoid acer. It's a bargain basement brand, their computers are tacky, poorly made crap. Nothing wrong with most compaqs (They do make el-cheapo ones in addition to their more palatable fare). I set up some nice *nix boxes on some of their ultra-portables. Pretty good linux support too.

osymandias, Jan 25, 2:02am
Personally I'd get a mac, but, if you don't swing that way, and what solid computers for cheap, then ASUS. As drcspy said.

lythande1, Jan 25, 2:07am
Neither ASUS or Toshiba.

shrapz, Jan 25, 2:09am
If i were to choose i would go with the compaq. toshibas are better though..

sakkara, Jan 25, 2:29am
Ibm ;-0

builders_mate, Jan 25, 3:02am
Abacus portable, lightweight, no power supply required. Alas - no graphics or network support but on the positive, no Windows, Linux or Mac OS to flounder with.

baker-assoc, Jan 25, 3:35am
Typewritter tbh

q300, Jan 25, 4:24am
Compaq Neither is great, but Compaq is superior to Acer in my experience and opinion. Not a big Tosh fan, I prefer HP, Asus and Apple. Avoid Acer, eMachines, and anything that looks too good to be true or you haven't heard of before.

vitaminh, Jan 25, 8:53am
Pffftt I have owned 3 Acer lappys and all have performed great and never faulted me, I had also heard about them being cheap and maybe it's true but I have absolutely no complaints, My wife had a new Toshiba satellite and had so many issues with it, so they replaced it with another Toshiba which is also faulty so they are going to replace it again, But with a different model. So who knows aye :)

gorbulas, Jan 25, 9:15am
I'd go compaq. Never by an acer, they are just trash, and ugly trash at that.

datracer, Jan 28, 10:45pm
Acer or asus not compaq i own a compaq nothing but trouble my brother has given me his one again trouble ,other brother owns an acer has had no trouble ,i myself own an older acer again never had a problem some compaqs won,t do a factory reboot with thier recovery system i,m having that problem with my brothers one not a good make even the desktpos are crap ,just my opion

7of9, Jan 29, 2:29am
I own a Compaq Presario over 3 years old now never had an issue with it. The only issue I had with it was windows Vista which only lasted 2 hours max before I put my custom OS on it but like every company you have the good times where they are really good and then the bad times where they are crap I would never go near acer because I have seen nothing good come out of buying a acer. ASUS laptops not including eeepc tend to overheat well thats just from personal experience.

kevin16, Jan 29, 2:32am
"never had an issue""The only issue ", you did have an issue, ....

7of9, Jan 29, 2:40am
Re 17 I don't like Windows vista wasn't the laptops fault just personal preferences never had an issue with the hardware hence why I still use it every day.

matt356, Jan 30, 12:40am
Try stay away from Acer Mine is only 7 weeks old and it is all ready in Aus being repaired.

gibler, Jan 30, 12:52am
Avoid acer avoid.. support services are crud for a start.

pcfix4u, Jan 30, 1:03am
ASUS gets my vote.

stelz0r, Jan 30, 1:19am
Neither go IBM Stinkpad

yellowsubmarine, Jan 30, 2:42am
IBM Dont make laptops! they sold that part of the business
Get an asus

sakkara, Jan 30, 5:35am
Ibm do still make laptops in the same factory just now they have sold the name any everyone seems to think the quality has dropped lol

madcow, Jan 30, 6:58am
IBM dont make laptops! A couple of years ago IBM sold their laptop division (and the name ThinkPad) to the company who had been making their laptops for donkeys years: Lenovo. Second choice would be a ASUS.

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