New PC ... no 21 point printer plug ...

4pc, Jan 25, 3:33am
New PC no 21 point printer plug what are our options? I'm extremely resistant to getting another printer.

swivel, Jan 25, 3:38am
Well Buy a pci card with printer port. Buy a USB to Printer port gender changer, or buy a USB printer

kingzzz, Jan 25, 3:42am

kingzzz, Jan 25, 3:44am
Hmm 21 pins.. im sure theres a equivalent thing for that too

chito, Jan 25, 3:59am
Or this one. 199526277

kevin16, Jan 25, 4:05am
4pc does the printer have an emotional attachment?, move on, you have with your computer,....

evoeater, Jan 25, 7:13am
^^How old is your printer?

oclaf, Jan 25, 7:47am
I think you'll find its 25pins. db25 parallel port and many new computers no longer carry them. largely been superseded by USB. your motherboard may still have the header but not an external plug in which case you can just pick up a db25 plug/header set otherwise you will need either a pci expansion card or a USB to parallel port adapter.

pcgeek, Jan 25, 8:39am
another issue with holding onto old hardware is the search for working drivers for old hardware to a new operating system...

richms, Jan 25, 11:46am
Old printers tend to have basic drivers built into windows, and that means no advanced printing features like the higher resolution or colour profiles being easy to apply etc

pdh, Jan 25, 6:13pm
If you are...going to pay $20 for an adapter then you might be better to spend $50 on a new printer (unless the old one was a flash laser printer or something).

ntalke, Jan 25, 6:45pm
,if you are moving to Vista look here as your printer may not work along with other things

4pc, Jan 25, 10:27pm
I'd like to continue using it as it is still functioning perfectly. It's not about cost. It's about treating something that still works as waste. The greenie in me is happy to stick with it.

4pc, Jan 25, 10:29pm
I didn't actually count the pins DH said 21, but looks more like 36 ...

pc_nut, Jan 25, 10:33pm
Good ole parallel printers. i've got an old b/w NX1000 which after getting a coax mini print server works very well. the plug is DB25 on the computer end and a centronics 36 pin on the printer end i believe

chito, Jan 26, 12:11am
4PC, you can plug the 25 pin one into the end of your existing cable, or get a 32 pin to go directly into your printer.

4pc, Jan 26, 8:59am
Chito I don't think there is an existing cable (looks in box for some sort of cable )

mrfxit, Jan 27, 4:09am
Simple solution Parallel network print server. I run an "HP jetdirect 170x" print server which is easy to setup & you connect to your printer via the std network systems.

gbbrot, Jan 27, 5:32am

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