Is 1GB a month for B/Band an OK amount?

Is 1GB a month for B/Band an OK amount? Going into local telecom shop on Thursday to pickup broadband that will apparently work in the country, mobile? (YAH!) Plan is for 1GB month, is that enough to not go over with usual internet use?
Not downloading music or movies.
+ would love to hear from others who have taken up this deal...$49 for hookup 24 month signup and 6 months half price.

geek_homebizwhiz, Jan 26, 9:57 am

1gb is fk all sort of defeats the purpose of bb if you only doing email and light surfing,..

geek_kevin16, Jan 26, 10:11 am

Broadband still has to be better though? Todays dial-up speed is....
tada...32.0 kps
Totally over it!

geek_homebizwhiz, Jan 26, 10:16 am

I use 10GB And am constantly in fear of blowing the cap

geek_qfamily, Jan 26, 10:40 am

Hmm.....'broadband that will work in the country - apparently mobile'.......that'll almost certainly be a T-stick this is pretty much a mobile cellphone type of BB connection thingy.....that will give you BB access wherever there is a cellphone, 1gb is not much at all if you do just a little websurfing and emails it should suffice.....however be VERY wary of that T-stick deal......they apparently charge you about $50 per month and that includes your first 1gb if you exceed that then you can buy another gb for just $10 or so.......HOWEVER if you exceed the 2nd gb you'll then be paying $0.57c per Mb 'overage' put this in perspective if you were at the START of your billing month (having used virtually none of your allowance at that point) go and download some movie from the net and it was 5gb in file size then your next months bill will include a charge for 'overage' of slightly more than $1500.00 ! So be VERY careful how you use that ........

geek_drcspy, Jan 26, 10:43 am

You might be better off researching satellite broadband .....while not cheap it may not be quite so nasty if you exceed your usage.......

geek_drcspy, Jan 26, 10:44 am

Nono its not

geek_ace1014, Jan 26, 8:29 pm

It's not alot in todays std. But if your only browsing - e-mail you should be OK. Check what the plan is, and what happens when you go over the 1gig (Do you drop to Dialup or get billed per meg etc). Would be nice to know that part atleast

geek_swivel, Jan 26, 8:41 pm

There was a thread...of someone who used more than their 1GB cap with the T stick and had a $800 + month bill. DO NOT GET 1GB!!!!!!! You will pay dearly with overusage...

geek_gay-panda-guy, Jan 26, 8:50 pm

Maybe you can just look for free wifi hotspots

geek_deus701, Jan 26, 9:59 pm

Fairly sure they said they live in the country so that could be a bit of useless advice ......

geek_drcspy, Jan 26, 10:00 pm

You'd be crazy to sign up for a 24 month contract wouldn't you?

geek_gorbulas, Jan 26, 10:01 pm

With that 'overage' cost (daylight robbery) you'd be crazy to sign up for any thing at all with them....thats shockin

geek_drcspy, Jan 26, 10:02 pm

Get some bandwidth monitoring software so you can see how much you have used ;)

geek_l624628, Jan 26, 10:25 pm

Depends on usage Personally, I have cable at home for main internet use and a 1Gb Telecom wireless for my laptop. I've used the mobile wireless around Canterbury (Amblerley to Timaru to Darfield) plus various locations in Auckland and Wellington. My needs vary from emails to small (50Mb) downloads, from research to accessing remote computers. I don't do movies, songs or large pictures on the mobile wireless and have yet to exceed the cap. Overall, coupled with a permanent connection at home, I find the 1Gb value for money. However, unless I was very aware as to traffic usage (Telecom don't provide a daily meter) I would not consider using it as my sole internet connection.

geek_builders_mate, Jan 26, 11:24 pm

I agree with 2# 1gb is nothing you will use that fast as

geek_daashyte, Jan 27, 12:02 am

I use 1GB in 2 days. NEVER fall for the Telecon trick that you will use the net exactly the same when you switch from dial up to broadband.

geek_mone, Jan 27, 12:21 am

IfI was in the position where I couldn't get broadband in the country, and this was the only option, I think I would be fine with 1GB. It's not much if you're youtubing or streaming videos, but if you surf and check emails it's enough. It's better than dialup!

geek_puddleduck00, Jan 27, 1:00 am

We're with BorderNet oz sat bb. $63 per month for 3gb at 512kbs down. BorderNet provide a daily usage meter and charge 12 cents per mb overuse which I think is a rip off. The speeds are constant and the service is ok after having initial problems with bad modems. We tried three before we got a good one. It took a lot of convincing that the fault was with the hardware. We're just coming to the end of first month. Four days left and about 400mb of cap left. And we're very conservative users. BorderNet are the cheapest of the three major sat providers, but it will tie up your phone line because the service uses a dialup modem to access the sat.

geek_hakatere1, Jan 27, 5:42 am

Goodness The saving grace here might be the 30 day money back part of the deal if we're going to go over just listing on trade me and doing internet banking etc.
gives an out before the 24 month signup kicks in........
Cheers for all the replys!
Anyone else signed up for this one?

geek_homebizwhiz, Jan 27, 7:08 am

The answer to this question Depends entirely on you. The people who give a flat 'no' have a complete inability to understand others circumstances.

geek_smac, Jan 27, 7:09 am

P.S. Dial up is rocking along at 40kps this morning hehe

geek_homebizwhiz, Jan 27, 7:13 am

Smac It's actually similar to when Telecom where offering 200mb plans, when Gov't is trying to push down prices and push up speed and data caps. It's profiteering.

geek_mone, Jan 27, 8:51 am

1GB is nothing I am on 20GB and sometimes reckon it won't be enough.

geek_70schild, Jan 27, 11:40 am

Re 23 I'm not saying 1Gb plans are value for money, I'm saying that it is not up to other people to tell somebody 1Gb will not be enough for them. The posters in this thread are chronic cases of "everyone else must be just like me". There are PLENTY of people out there who need/want broadband, but have no need for high volume, 1Gb would do them just fine.

geek_smac, Jan 27, 1:51 pm

We were on 1GB for a year and it was perfectly fine for normal internet browsing without downloading. 1-2 hrs day of emails, trademe and general browsing. We went over once. But now we have 10GB plan so we can downlaod without going over and not worry about using our data up.

geek_maverick65, Jan 27, 1:58 pm

1GB per month , for a year I meant and I did a lot of trade me stuff during that time and the occasional iTunes download.

geek_maverick65, Jan 27, 2:01 pm

Where abouts are you We lived out Toko for nearly 18 months and the only broadband we could get was satellite. We had our broadband with wireless nation. Set up is a bit now but the service was good and hardly ever lost connection, if we did get disconnected it was normally only for a minute or two.

geek_coolnzmum, Jan 27, 2:41 pm

Been on a 1 gb plan for 2 years, never been over. Dont do music or videos. But its horses for courses. Like only using a car to go to the shops one day a week, you dont need a Porsche for that ...unless they are 200km away.

geek_tigra, Jan 27, 5:19 pm

I suspectThe 1Gb plans people are saying they've been for years are not the same as the one proposed by . The regular 1Gb plans will simply slow down when the cap is reached - some people don't even really notice this! This one is mobile data and a completely different kettle of fish. The costs of using a T-stick as the sole connection are potentially astronomical. Telecom do nothing to better their reputation by offering this to customers as a sole internet solution. I would wager the sales person gets a better commission for selling this plan than they would any other sort. That said, Telecom are unable to offer any other service to customers in this circumstance. There are several different satellite BB providers, I strongly recommend researching these before going for the T-stick.

geek_wogadopolous, Jan 27, 5:27 pm

Goodness, lots of varied opinions! Might look into satelitte options again, maybe they've come down in price? Last time we checked it out was $750 set up then $69 or so a month. Couldn't justify that at all...
To whoever asked we're 12km out of Stratford under the mountain. Just beautiful!

geek_homebizwhiz, Jan 27, 6:43 pm

Yeh the sat setup is expensive but you could EASILY exceed that in ONE MONTH if you used 2gb over your data cap on the T-stick (that'd cost you over $1000)

geek_drcspy, Jan 27, 7:10 pm

Wireless Nation are in excess of 2.5 grand to get set up. They offer a wireless plan as well as sat.

geek_hakatere1, Jan 28, 11:10 am

Homebizwhiz I assume you are using the proper Rural dial-up modem [think its Dynalink that make them] to get the best possible speed on your phone line? Dial-up is perfectly ok to do most things including downloading if you choose to do so. I can get 1Gb in about 5 days on the phone but it ties up the phone line 24/7. For just the occasional surfing and emails, there is nothing wrong with dialup. Now you just have to convince the stupid web designers not to use graphic intensive designs and assume that everyone is using broadband and at least 1600 x 1200 screen resolution.

geek_sighkick, Jan 28, 12:13 pm