old printer

steve1262, Jan 26, 4:38am
Old printer with cables that wont be plugging into lappy in a hurry is there a attachment that has usb on one end so we can use it??? were told dicksmith have one for $99 !!! anything cheaper or just throw it away???

pc_nut, Jan 26, 4:44am
Printer server you can get a printer server that can be used via LAN etc so your computers can use them if there on the network

mrfxit, Jan 27, 4:23am
Google for "parallel port printer to usb port" & other such words .. . .. . http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000678.htm

gbbrot, Jan 27, 4:44am
Is ita 9 pin connector or a 25 pin connector? Or is it the old centronics connection?

flick13, Jan 27, 4:53am
Orgive the make and model if you don't know what the above is talking about. Because - there is a USB to centronics 36pin adapter for under $20

chito, Jan 27, 4:58am
You need this. It will plug in to you existing cable. 199526277

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