possum888, Apr 1, 5:09am
Printer If I have a network and there is a printer in another room can I make it so to use it you need a password?

charles.j, Apr 1, 5:10am
.... a password to use the printer?

_whatever, Apr 1, 5:30am
If Windows (you don't state what OS) then yes. When you share the printer you specify a password.

possum888, Apr 1, 5:46am
But how do i do this I am vista

_whatever, Apr 1, 5:50am
OK you have a network that you want to share a printer on and you want the remote PC to have access to that printer only if they supply a password. Am I correct so far?

possum888, Apr 1, 6:19am
Yep .

mrfxit, Apr 1, 7:59am
Just done my lan with a little print server Can access that printer from anywhere as long as it's got a network cable, plus windows allows you to setup passwords if wanted. But then again I am on Xp, Vista shouldn't be that differenet apart from icons & nag screens.

_whatever, Apr 1, 8:04am
So when you share the printer just put in password acces and a password.

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