trying to access TV3 on demand

Trying to access TV3 on demand but am not getting anything..any ideas??

geek_jennyl11, Jan 29, 2:25 pm

No problem here:

geek_hakatere1, Jan 29, 2:45 pm

Working here Ok use ccleaner & try again...

geek_icioufa, Jan 29, 2:46 pm

PeerGuardian Blocks it, took me a while to work this out, if you dont know what this is, then dont worry about it as you wont be using it .

geek_mikek, Jan 29, 2:51 pm

Well I can get onto the website watch the news but try to watch an old programme and i get a pretty much blank page with a line streaming across the bottom next to the play button

geek_jennyl11, Jan 29, 3:05 pm

Install the latest copy of whatever browser you like, then recheck. If you're not sure what browser you like, download Firefox and Chrome and compare them both on the TV3 site.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jan 29, 3:31 pm