anyone got Asus Router ASUS AAM6030VI ? ADSL, wifi

strange, Jan 30, 4:07am
Anyone got Asus Router ASUS AAM6030VI ? ADSL, wifi Hi, if someone has one of these, can you please let me know what the power supply output voltage etc is please? I have one without an adapter. also whether the inner pin is posibieve or negative please. Thanks so much. ASUS AAM6030VI-B1 Looks like this:

got2bin2win, Jan 30, 4:36am
Surely its written on the label underneath or by the power port, strange if it isn't.

neshka, Jan 30, 5:41am
Definitely not written on label or by the portnot first time I've come across this kind of problem can't see a reference in the manual either. :-( not strange enough..

strange, Jan 30, 6:39am
Oh, I should say neshka and strange are the same household just in case that was confusing anyone. placed a question on a dead-looking asus forum, and on a current auction for this model.

charles.j, Jan 30, 7:05am
inner would be negative wouldn't it?

got2bin2win, Jan 30, 7:28am
Mostly with those type of jacks the center pin is positive, but then how would we know its dc power it requires, dc is the norm but i have a switch here, think it's smc and that takes 9v 1amp ac, as i plugged the power supply into the d-link one by mistake & it don't go no more.

strange, Jan 30, 7:33am
Yeah, the closest thing to a spec I've seen said 15VAC - but I didn't want to trust that, as it wasn't really written in a way that gave me a lot of confidence.

got2bin2win, Jan 30, 7:36am
No markings near the socket like ~ that would indicate ac or periods underscored for dc.

kingzzz, Jan 30, 7:47am
open it up. should say on the PCB

strange, Jan 30, 8:37am
No markings at all externally. yes, I had considered that the pcb might have it on it.

babcorp, Jan 30, 8:28pm
ROFLMAOIf you had bothered to scroll down to the specifications details further down the page of your link it will tell you ;-) bwaaahaaaaa!!!!!

strange, Jan 31, 1:35am
Babcorp no, you are wrong. that is telling you the total draw/voltage drop, ie 15VAC. I had already seen that and I didn't trust that data when I saw it - and as it turns out I was right not to. I have now learned the answer from another trader: "12V, 1.25A, 15.0W. Centre pin is positive."

strange, Jan 31, 1:36am
Thanks for everyone's help. problem now solved. .

babcorp, Jan 31, 2:21am
I will now stand in the corner and point at myself as I go bwhaaaaaa! after being corrected.

strange, Jan 31, 3:07am
:-) sweeet as babcorp - everyone needs to ROTFL sometimes anyway and I probably sounded like a noob ;-)

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