Error msg on start up.. how can I stop it?

fluffyb, Jan 30, 5:21am
Error msg on start up.. how can I stop it? RunDll Error loading C:\Users\User\cnmss
The specified module could not be found.


Any ideas how to stop this happening please?

pheonix, Jan 30, 5:27am
Googled it and found someone else has had that problem and solved it. Seems to appear a problem with Canon software. Have a look here and see if you can follow and do what they suggested.

fluffyb, Jan 30, 6:30am
Thanks pheonixI have already spent hours going around and around in circles trying to get an answer but haven't managed to. Have found a lot of people with the problem tho'. Was hoping some down to earth kiwi whizz would be able to give some straight forward advice ....

icioufa, Jan 30, 6:39am
Easiest way round is to use ccleaner/tools/startup & stopp it laoding at startup then try uninstall reinstall your cannon printer...

icioufa, Jan 30, 6:48am
Just in case you don't have ccleaner installed

powerpcs, Jan 30, 6:54am
Or you could just run msconfig that windows has built in and then disable any canon software that starts up when windows does.

icioufa, Jan 30, 7:03am
You could But ever seen the list & how long they can become by just unticking them using ccleaner you can actual delete from the startup list once you know whats what & wont go through the startup msconfig list on PC startup...

fluffyb, Jan 30, 7:38am
YAY!!! THANKYOU're a genius! Found the list in CCleaner (already had it), would not let me disable it so deleted it. Have checked it out - no annoying msg on starting up and printer works fine. Thank you so much.

fluffyb, Jan 30, 8:35am
OH NO!!! It's put itself back on the start up list again. HELP!

charles.j, Jan 30, 9:04am
the startup list when you go start-run-msconfig ?

fluffyb, Jan 30, 9:39am
Yes.. All Canon items unticked here.

helpless, Jan 30, 9:05pm
So have you been Through the Options menu which are probably included in the Canon Software and looked for anything that has wording to the effect of.."Start the Program on Windows boot".If you find anything like that then change the options around..Maybe that'll cure it..Failing that,,you maybe need to go into the Registry and look through the Run/Run once for Canon stuff and try removing them from there,,Though why CrapC/Msconfig and other assorted programs can't halt it I don't know.

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