Anyone know where to get HP Officejet K550

rrtipene, Jan 30, 11:37am
Anyone know where to get HP Officejet K550 Printer Print heads from, I tried a HP Dealer and they said that they are no longer available.
They mut have them somewhere, hopefully.
Point me in the right direction please???

dougstringer, Jan 30, 7:53pm
Try here

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 30, 10:54pm
I have this funny feeling you cant get parts for HP printers that are worth less than about $1k

guyh, Jan 31, 12:12am
9 times out of 10...It is cheaper to buy a new printer than have an old one repaired. Take the "cheap, free" printers offered a while back when you bought a new systemthe cost to replace an ink cartridge was more than the printer was worth!!!

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