Adblock does it just hide the flash and adds or does it stop them from being downloaded to begin with?

geek_kane199, Jan 31, 12:44 pm

Adblock+ stops them being downloaded at all.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 31, 12:45 pm

Adblock helps maximise your cap!

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 1:58 pm

Thats what prompted the question saw another post where somone mentioned it reduced your usage, on my mums pc it reduces the screen scrolling lag! i suppose that's another advantage.

geek_kane199, Jan 31, 7:21 pm

Screen scrolling lag? ...

geek_soodanim, Jan 31, 8:41 pm

Yeah if a site has a few to many flash adds on it, it lags her screen out. her old SiS onboard isn't that great

geek_kane199, Jan 31, 8:46 pm