Yes we are ADSL2 now

Yes we are ADSL2 now No more 5Mbps at home. Now 13Mbps

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 4:48 pm


geek_acura, Jan 31, 4:50 pm

OhXtra and the Adventure plan (Hastings).

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 4:53 pm

Yep another test and 13 again

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 4:55 pm

How far are u from exchange ?

geek_someonetrademe, Jan 31, 4:59 pm

That's great. Has anyone else actually experienced such dramitic results? I'm on ADSL2+ with XNet, and yet my avergage down has only gone from around 4300kbps to 5300kbps. I expected to see a bigger difference.

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:00 pm

I'm jealous and I'm Irked!

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:01 pm

Badcam Xnet don't provide ADSL2 speeds unless you're on their fusion plan

geek_evoeater, Jan 31, 5:02 pm

And swivel! You would have to start this thread just when Xnet have gone home for the day. Thank you very much. I slap you with a wet bus ticket. Shmock!

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:03 pm

Well Sydney is 11Mbps. But I thought i was good at the shop with 11Mbps (Business plan). But I have to say F$%^ as I didn't think id get these at home.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 5:04 pm

Evo. I am on Fusion and my router is ONLY set to ADSL2+.

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:04 pm

11 Oh, and Xnet confirmed this last time I rang. (Memo to self, wait before posting rapid threads)

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:05 pm

Badcam LOL. But also I use a 2Wire Modem which shows

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 5:06 pm

I'll have to Google that. 2Wire? My Router actually shows attainable line rate of between 21000 & 18000. It varies. The actual line rate is 16600 down & 945 up. I can't help but think I should be getting better rates shown through the speedtest sites, but the best I've ever achieved is 7300. I'll ring them Monday. So, what has everyone else ended up with? How much of a difference has your ASDL2+ made?

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:12 pm

Hmm whats your attenuation etc like badcam? Could be too far from the exchange to get a decent speed?

geek_evoeater, Jan 31, 5:13 pm

Badcam Difference is the speed of pages loading etc, Thats why I did the Speedtest, as last week it was 5.5Mbps.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 5:17 pm

Router Details:

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:21 pm

Mine Rate: 15834 kbs 933 kbs

Max Rate: 15834 kbs 933 kbs

Noise Margin: 12.0 dB 14.2 dB

Attenuation: 14.6 dB 6.0 dB

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 5:23 pm

Heck. I'd like to get speedtest results like you got in 1 though. Yee-Haw!

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:24 pm

I'd love to have speeds like that. Not getting ADSL 2+ till the end of the year :(

geek_pixma, Jan 31, 5:31 pm

So from my quick Google refresher, I understand that you should be around 1kn from your exchange/DSL box and I'm around 1.5km. Now, our noise margins are similar & Noise Margins between 11dB-20dB are considered good. I still have no clue as to where I'm going with this, but I can't help but think I should get better results.

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 5:36 pm

Think yourselves lucky....

geek_pcgeek, Jan 31, 6:21 pm

&0;&0;&0; &0;&0;&0;

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 6:25 pm

Badcam Yeah, I see what your saying, our speeds should be around the same. Maybe you should change to Xtra. Atleast it doesn't get the bashing it use to.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 6:27 pm

had it for ages but because of distance its the difference between 2.1 and 3.5 megs :(

geek_richms, Jan 31, 6:34 pm

Thanks for motivating me to change lol been on adsl2 for 1 week or so. just got a new adsl2 modem thurs buit not hooked it up till reading this thread wooop. so speedtest b4 n after hookup to auckland server

geek_steves73, Jan 31, 7:45 pm

Glade I started The tread, as I helped you out.

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 8:18 pm

Tread = thread

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 8:19 pm

Just checked mine.......This address is near an exchange which is scheduled to be upgraded with ADSL2+ technology in approximately Jun 2011

geek_lizards-13, Jan 31, 8:29 pm

Yeah But our area is for June 2009, and it's in. so don't read into that

geek_swivel, Jan 31, 8:36 pm

My adsl 1 i can't complain

geek_quater, Jan 31, 8:51 pm

Bugga no adsl2 for me Unfortunately this address is outside the planned ADSL2+ network area, however you can still enjoy the benefits of Telecom Broadband including FREE and exclusive access to Premium Services, like Telecom Security Suite and Yahoo!Xtra Pro mail worth $150!

geek_dino7, Jan 31, 8:52 pm

Holy Cow Batman! Look at the improvement in your ping! From 89ms to 20ms. Mine's hardly changed,it's gone from 120ms to 108ms.

geek_badcam, Jan 31, 8:56 pm

Is that Internet Explorer I see? LOL. Badcam, ring Xnet & tell them to turn Interleaving off then check your speeds.

geek_lostdude, Jan 31, 9:04 pm

Quater Yep, Thats what i was getting at the shop with my D-link 500 (2002 model), Lostdude, Yep It's never failed me

geek_swivel, Feb 1, 9:11 am

Still going well on these speeds. How are you going

geek_swivel, Feb 5, 11:57 am

With xnet but not fusion (as far as i know) to aussie its not so good though!

geek__sexylady_, Feb 5, 12:39 pm

Hello sexy Nice. Pity the upload isn't better, I'd happily go down to say 8Mbps if i could get say 5Mbps up

geek_swivel, Feb 5, 12:49 pm

HiYa Swivel!! Yeah would like upload to be better, as we count on that jsut as much as we do download, but orcon was even worse on upload (as well as download) so i won't complain to much :)

geek__sexylady_, Feb 5, 12:50 pm

Re 11.. Badcam you must be within about 2km of an exchange and or have a new telecon cabinet nearby to fully take advantage of ADSL2 The full rollout of cabinets isn't till about 2011. Here is telecons own link to find out if your address is ADSL2 cable, although I suspect it is incomplete and unreliable like everything else they do.

geek_gothicrebel, Feb 5, 12:50 pm

Re # 17 I had a look at those readings and the attenuation suggests u are quite close to an exchange possibly within 2 km. If you are getting approx 17 Mb downstream at the router and a max of about 7 at a speedtest something is amiss. You should get about 60-80 % of your downstream router speed from a speedtest ? (providing the website you speedtest at is NOT too busy of course)How long is the phone cable going into your house ? What type of network do u have inside that may complicate things...Hmmm

geek_cyberray, Feb 5, 1:12 pm

What goes around comes around Had a fine gentleman give me an ADSL2 cause it was spare, don't you just love this little gems that drop in to your lap sometimes...

geek_icioufa, Feb 5, 2:40 pm