How much effect do filters have on adsl speed?

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:41am
How much effect do filters have on adsl speed? It just crossed my mind that despite changing modems my speeds are still rubbish.. Sure it could be xnet.. but my speedtest result is 6mbps yet i download at around 50kbps. i've tried running the modem directly to one computer to see if there are any differences and no luck. So i've changed everything BUT the filters (as i've just realised).., is it worth investigating?

soodanim, Jan 31, 9:43am
Download speed depends where you are downloading from and what with.

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:44am
Downloading from anywhere is slow the best i've had from sites such as nvidia and microsoft is 200kbps. and i'm on FS/FS on adsl (not 2+)

kingzzz, Jan 31, 9:47am
the adsl line is suppose to be unfiltered...

you capped?

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:48am
the adsl line.. is filtered, (where the modem connects to the phone line). I'm not capped. it's been like this for a very long time now. And i'm only 1.2km from the exchange

badcam, Jan 31, 9:51am
You don't need a filter where you modem is, unless you have a phone connected to the same extension. It's the other extensions, where you have items connected, that need filters.

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:52am
there is a phone there yes. And sky has been disconnected from the phone jack as well

soodanim, Jan 31, 9:52am
Hang aboutyou don't need a filter on the connection from modem to phoneline unless you are talking about one for adsl and phone and also have a phone connected to the same jackpoint?

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:54am
To clear it up the modem and a phone connect to the same jack.. i however have not tried to see if i get a difference without the phone and filter.

cybertao, Jan 31, 9:55am
I've read that good filters can be important. Just because the adsl is plugged into a filter doesn't mean it's filtered. Often the adsl socket it is run straight through and is unfiltered. Apparently filtering out the phone noise for the adsl improves quality. Cheap filters can also be duds. Try unplugging *everything* in the house except the adsl modem to see if that has an effect. Pretty much why having a splitter installed and one socket dedicated to adsl improves the quality.

charles.j, Jan 31, 10:00am
Yea.. i've done the whole unplugging everything test. I guess i'll try another brand of filters (i've still got those dlink ones running :s). And i'll upgrade to a new modem so i can utilize adsl2+. Just wanted to see if filters had a major effect thats all

soodanim, Jan 31, 10:04am
I've had filters just stop working have tried 4 or 5 different types. Not any noticeable difference until they crap

charles.j, Jan 31, 10:05am
hmm okay. Thanks.

cybertao, Jan 31, 10:20am
I don't know where to get good quality plug-in filters. Never found any the times I've looked. Price takes priority over quality these days. And even the higher priced ones are still the same quality with a different price tag.

richms, Jan 31, 10:44am
Multiple Filters mean multiple issues with the loading of them on the line, less is better, and a multiple pole filter like they wire in when you pay for a proper installation is even better.

cybertao, Jan 31, 11:04am
You can get dynamic filters they only activate when the phone is in use, so the capacitance is reduced if you have too many filters plugged in(the commonly accepted number is five, but wonder if quality has an effect their as well). So you can use lots of plug-in filters without loss of voice quality and caller ID. Caller ID is the first thing to go if you have an under-par filter somewhere.

mazdasix, Jan 31, 11:10am
.I'm on xnet too charles.j. I got 6mbps on the speedtest and usually get 50-100kbps downloading via HTTPHowever I now use Orbit download manager, and using that I get speeds of 700kbps+. Give it a try.

intrade, Jan 31, 7:52pm
If you own your place install a splitter improfes speed by a bit and no dropouts, i had loads with adsl filters suspect faults, dont know got sick of it to be kicked of the net when i hung up the phone, fitted line splitter problem solfed......

swivel, Jan 31, 8:15pm
Yep I'll back what intrade says. Also a lot easier as well

badcam, Jan 31, 8:30pm
I agree. Except of course that the Modem can't be transferred to any other location. Choose your splitter location well.

charles.j, Jan 31, 9:13pm
Thanks i'll have a look into a splitter off the main line

little_egypt, Jan 31, 9:35pm
'speedtest' says 6mbps? If you can get 6mbps from speedtest then the problem isn't your phone line, it's somewhere further upstream either with your ISP or the site you're downloading from, and no amount of screwing around with filters is going to fix it.

mrfxit, Jan 31, 11:20pm
Have seen niggly problems caused by filters In the past & the difference a dedicated ADSL splitter can make to the general "feel" of BB speeds etc. If everything is NEW, (including the wiring/outside lines etcetc like a new housing sub devision would be) then a splitter proberly won't make any difference, But if in an older area then a splitter "may" make a difference to the "feel" & possibly the BB speeds in general.

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