Ok tell me about Vista

luxy, Mar 11, 3:23am
Ok tell me about Vista I am thinking about getting a new laptop and it has vista already loaded. I have heard some bad reports,so what is it really like?

gibler, Mar 11, 3:26am
Terrible ... I lost years of work due to Vista slow as anything and causes small children to burst into tears.

_whatever, Mar 11, 3:28am
LOL. But seriously you will not experience problems with a new notebook. Just make sure it has 1GB or more of RAM that's all.

soodanim, Mar 11, 3:30am
Computers/Laptops that come with Vista loaded don't usually have problems apart from people getting used to it...Problems are usually found with people trying to load Vista onto computers not fully compatible. I personally don't mind it...but just prefer XP for now.

bm_987, Mar 11, 3:30am
... im one of those few people who havnt had any problems with it at all, as long as the software and hardware is vista compatible it should work.

icioufa, Mar 11, 3:31am
LOL #2 due to pebkbc you need a firewall #1 that challenges incoming & outbound connections, which vista doesn't provide,so install a 3rd party firewall that will help protect you...

soodanim, Mar 11, 3:32am
Make sure any printers/scanners/webcams or other peripherals you maybe going to connect are compatible, check manufacturer's sites for updates or you may find they need upgrading as well.

johnlyn, Mar 11, 3:55am
I'm another that has found no problems with Vista, my 2 sisters also.

_sexylady_, Mar 11, 3:57am
No problems here so far.

demonknight, Mar 11, 4:30am
My... Kittens died when I booted up vista for the very first time.

sylviasmother1, Mar 11, 4:33am
#2... it makes grown woman cry too *sob*

nzmu, Mar 11, 4:49am
I've been using Vista for over 12mths now with no major problems, first install dual boot with XP on a 3 and a half year old computer, then had another built. It is (to me at least) better than XP as it has a few improvements. Being that we are all different, you will find others who would disagree with me. Be aware that you will have to get used to some things being in different places etc and a few new handy features (snipping tool, dvd maker in premium to name 2). Most people it seems that dislike Vista have never used it much. As above, do some research and make sure that any older peripherals you may want to use, are Vista compatible.

johnf_456, Mar 11, 5:52am
Vista has more issues than xp anyday. Especialy when it comes to do compatibility with software. esp older programs and in somes case vista blue screens when u install it on vista. Just fixing a pc today, bluescreens on almost everything. upgraded to xp and its goes mint as. Oh well vista keeps us tech's busy, gud for us. lol. But on the other hand, it can work completely fine on some pc's. Kind of funny when micrsoft are already producing the next os "windows 7" now, to overide vista lol

swivel, Mar 11, 5:55am
Luxy Full version has been out a year, most that have problems are still in XP mode, or the system isn't built to run it correctly. Look at Laptop's, They have the min of ram, so will never run correctly, But people buy sub $1000 systems. Vista is fine, Just make sure that you have Plenty of ram. As for #2. it would have been a PEBKAC to loose years of info.

swivel, Mar 11, 5:59am
Johnf_456 Well since Vista is New and XP is 8 years old. You can't compare the 2 yet. For the Drivers issue, it's not up to vista to write that, but the suppliers of the printers etc. This is just like when XP came out.

soodanim, Mar 11, 6:05am
I don't think you can call software incompatibility an "issue" Anyone upgrading computers/operating systems should check for compatibility before purchasing and then moaning it's not compatible...Like getting a MAC and expecting all Windows Applications to just work on it. If people did their homework first...The same thing happened with people upgrading from 98/ME to XP, some things just aren't compatible.

charles.j, Mar 11, 6:19am
.... i dont see what your problems are. i have home premium on a p4 system. (socket 478) and it runs quicker than xp did. even vista basic worked without a problem on PIII laptop lol

nzmu, Mar 11, 6:21am
Blue screens? not even had one. And as above, ran sweet on old P4.

charles.j, Mar 11, 6:27am
Yea. no blue screens either. Sure the UAC was extremly annoying. but its easy enough to turn off

nzmu, Mar 11, 6:33am
Re#13 and Windows 7 MS have been working on Vista (Longhorn) since the release of XP that's just how technology goes... always something new.

johnf_456, Mar 11, 8:02pm
Well vista is a completely different interface under the hood in relation to xp. I found more programs worked on xp when it came out compared to vista now. I remember using even the beta windows xp for a while. yea i know above,

johnf_456, Mar 11, 8:04pm
#16 people dont really get a choice of os on their pc's, well u do but it requires more effort. lol. U get vista and thats that, man it was night mare trying to fix a clients pc wiv myob. didnt like vista much at all. lol

johnf_456, Mar 11, 8:09pm
.... http://pcworld.co.nz/pcworld/pcw.nsf/feature/A24C6ED946F32F53CC2573DF00731790

if if vista was so gud, microsoft would of stopped selling xp when it was released or a little later. Vista is ok os, but it just has its issues. ITs getting their with updates, lol THats why i run in a triple boot environment with xp and linux.

angeladena, Mar 11, 9:02pm
If you want a Pretty interface and lead a good clean honest and wholesome live style then yeah Vistas for you!...for a os which was consistently delayed it failed to deliver any impact tho it does give Ram a good run for the Money huh?...Longhorn to Vista to Fistya Hehehe

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