address book in Outlook 2003

warren7, Feb 2, 7:05am
Address book in Outlook 2003 I am trying to create a new address book in Outlook 2003. Basically I belong to a group which I have a heap of email addresses for. I want to be able to look in an addressbook for them (all being together) or to look in another address book for my family/friends etc.

Do you know how to create more than one address book?

Help please.



eventpro, Feb 2, 7:25am
Trying hard to rememberhave you checked help for a wizard?

warren7, Feb 2, 7:30am
Yes Looked in help - many times and can't figure it out. Have googled too - and still no luck.

I'm getting very frustrated.



kew, Feb 2, 7:35am
Go to Folder list right click personal folders, choose new folder, Type in the name for the new folder then select the drop down box and choose contact items

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