Best printer brand?

nakiarnie, Feb 2, 7:40am
Best printer brand? What is the best printer brand? The one that has the least faults, best printing and lowest ink 'wastage'?

r.g.nixon, Feb 2, 7:49am
Canon & Epson are good value HP are good quality. Lexmark are ripoffs for ink. YMMV - my advice is from vague impressions over the past 10 yearsthings change.

kew, Feb 2, 7:50am
It's probably appropriate to ask what your budget is first. A bit like asking which is the best car.

davedog, Feb 2, 7:51am
I've always been an HP fanBut that's just my opinion.

Be sure to choose your printer type carefully - lasers are cheaper to run on a per page basis - but you won't be able to do photo printing like you can on an inkjet

nakiarnie, Feb 2, 7:53am
Haha yeah well im going to uni so not much im sharing my room with my mate. is it best to just get one for my self or one that we can share(would need network compat - maybe wireless)?

nakiarnie, Feb 2, 8:27am
Bump advie?

loz221, Feb 2, 8:53am
Maybe best to get your own? That would eliminate possible quibbles over ink usage? I like "Brother" (DCP series), have one that I picked up new under $100, it can do everything, scan, photocopy, print and lots more. So to me, good value for money. Cartridges seem to last reasonably well too.

us109, Feb 2, 12:05pm
Best printer brand? I have a "Brother MFC210C" seriesThat I brought here on TradeMe for $50.00 several years agoStill works OKThe ink I buy is from" louamlehn" which is also from TradeMe...

nakiarnie, Feb 3, 6:35am
I've heard brothers are crap? Maybe i heard wrong

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