Wellington TelstraClear Cable Internet Users

lifesteala, Feb 2, 11:12pm
Wellington TelstraClear Cable Internet Users Hi Wellingtonians.. I need you all to retest the website I am having trouble accessing. http://www.cast-control.net. Please let me know your results. You should be on TelstraClear Cable internet. Thanks in advance!

cheyenne2, Feb 3, 12:18am
Hi, just tried from Kapiti gets to 40% and hangs - gave up

pato1, Feb 3, 1:41am
Also Just tried from Kapiti and as in the past it just timed out. I have yet to see what this site is all about LOL.

qfamily, Feb 3, 5:29am
I thought that This had been fixed? But once again, I'm timing out in Khandallah.

mysticboy, Feb 3, 5:33am
From CHCH Im on TelstraCable in Christchurch and no joy here either

mysticboy, Feb 3, 5:34am
Error Message Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

swivel, Feb 3, 5:34am
Works from Hastings Opps i'm Xtra.

fallen1, Feb 3, 5:43am
Kapiti hangs here too

weally27, Feb 3, 6:30am
Wainui here Loads fast and fine

woogmo, Feb 3, 6:58am
Timing out in trentham

vtecintegra, Feb 3, 7:58am
Mt Vic 10MB cable, loads fine for me (and has each time you've posted, weird)

lifesteala, Feb 4, 12:45am
Thanks guys.. I was at my brother inlaws place yesturday and tried the website from there on their Cable connection.. timed out as well. I'll update TelstraClear now. Thanks!

lifesteala, Feb 7, 8:01pm
Bump.. I need to bump this as I need to keep this thread for a while. Thanks

gucci6, Feb 7, 8:45pm
Thorndon, Wellington Works fast and fine here. 10mbps cable

woogmo, Feb 7, 9:07pm
Hey good news working for me now

kruz23, Feb 7, 9:42pm
Works fine here in Miramar Wellington .

qfamily, Feb 7, 10:29pm
Still timing out For me

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