Can anyone help?? re printer issues

burr2900, Apr 1, 10:06pm
Can anyone help?? re printer issues Hi there.I have just tryed to print a picture off my computer and when i clicked to print it,it came up with a message that said "the printer spooler service is not running".Does anyone know how i can fix this?Thanks

r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 10:10pm
First thing to try is restart the computer.

burr2900, Apr 1, 10:11pm
I have tryed that but it didn't make a difference??I can't understand whar happened as it was going fine last time i used it grrrr

pcfix4u, Apr 1, 10:22pm
Print a test page if thats works its a prob with the doc u r printing

pcmaster, Apr 1, 10:27pm
Start it manually start/run, key in services.msc - press enter, scroll through the list till you find it, right clik on it, select start. or select properties and make it start automagically when needed.

mystic_miss, Apr 1, 10:29pm
Re # 1 Throw it in the bin and buy a new printer and get someone with a Brain to install it...or grow a brain yourself, learn how to do things for yourself and stop asking stupid questions on this MB ....

pcmaster, Apr 1, 10:31pm
Solution is in post #5 lol

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