acer problem

Acer problem i keep getting a message saying "windows host process rundll32" coming up, what does this mean?, also if i open pictures,videos,music etc etc the program opens and then says that that prgrm is shutting down, have also had the computer all of a sudden say its shutting down and then shuts down on its own accord, the computer is only 6 months old, what would be causing this???, it has mcafee antivirus etc installed

geek_mk3zephyr, Feb 3, 10:29 pm

Xp antispyware 2008...I wonder...maybe check with SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes.

geek_olack, Feb 3, 10:34 pm

Oh its running vista by the way

geek_mk3zephyr, Feb 3, 10:36 pm

Its a Vista problem try googling "windows host process rundll32" there is a host of tech boards with ppl that have the same problem - so might be-able to find a solution. Hope that helps

geek_kevinreynolds, Feb 3, 11:00 pm