Acer? any good.

becandtad, Feb 6, 8:30am
Acer? any good. Im wanting a cheapish laptop 4 uni and internet. Is a acer an ok brand?. ta

charles.j, Feb 6, 8:32am
i wouldn't touch acer with a ten foot pole to be honest. The better brands are Lenovo,Dell,HP and Toshiba

swanbay, Feb 6, 8:34am
Hey while we are on this subject.. whats the difference between dells inspiron laptops and the studio laptops??

lostdude, Feb 6, 8:38am
Lenovo for reliability but they cost a little over other brand counterparts with same or similar components.

stressed568, Feb 6, 8:38am
Acer is crap so is their customer support, don't touch them

lostdude, Feb 6, 8:38am

shrapz, Feb 6, 8:40am
They arent the best brand in the world I personally havent had a bad experience with them but have heard stories

swanbay, Feb 6, 8:43am
Yea thanks lol i was already there and didnt get what the difference was! help??

morticia, Feb 6, 8:43am
Yes! As a doorstop.

charles.j, Feb 6, 8:46am
inspirion are more mainstream for the low end user. You'll find that the studio laptops are for multimedia and some minor gaming. They're higher spec'd than the inspirions and are in my opinion designed better aesthetically

swanbay, Feb 6, 9:03am
Thanks charles.j!

cessna3, Feb 6, 10:03am
I have a acer had for over a year and no problems, only bought it because was the only one in the shop running winxp though (our business software wont work on crappy vista), Its also got 2 separate hard drives in it (not partition's)

vitaminh, Feb 6, 10:12am
Again pfffffffffffttttt I have owned 3 Acers in the last few, and 1 Toshiba, and guess which one was the only one to give me issues?? The dam Toshiba satellite, replaced once, and then money back on the second time and now I have another Acer and it's just fine, But yes I have heard many people who have never owned one saying there awful cause they heard it somewhere :)

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 6, 10:17am
I work on them they are awful. Try get parts out of them for a start.

selfdestructive, Feb 6, 2:08pm
...........3 brands to definitely stay away from. Dell (apparently not long ago they got endicted for fraud and inappropriate business practices) and their pc's are just plain crap, Acer their tech support are crap aswell with their laptops/desktops, Compaq now are crap as their overpriced and underpowered for the cheaper margins for their systems and their customer service is pathetic But some HP laptops are good from my expreience on a couple of them). If you want to find a decent laptop on the market wait till windows 7 rolls out on them or buy toshiba, NEC, or Lenovo but without vista on them cuz vista is just a pain.

johnlyn, Feb 6, 6:17pm
Within our extended family there has been bought 3 Acers and 2 HP. A serious problem with 1 replacement has been with HP and then with the replacement a major repair. Service has been ok. 1 Acer had several repairs. Service has been ok too.

wimwom, Feb 6, 6:54pm
I've had an Acer laptop for over a year and its great, no problems and also I've had Dell computers and they also haven't given any trouble

lythande1, Feb 6, 8:28pm
Acers have a failure rate of around 25-30%. People who say I've had one for xxx were one of the lucky ones. When you see 100's of laptops then you can comment.
Acer is the number 1 to avoid with Lenovo and Fujitsu second.
Its the crap components in them thats the problem. Thats how all PCs should be rated, not by the label on the outside, its what goes in them.
Acer = ECS motherboards with chinese capacitors for starters.

intrade, Feb 6, 8:31pm
My findings are acer was crap in 1999 then it got better in 04 onwardand now it may go to crap againlook for how it is built flex one corner to pther if its not solide it will crap out check screen hinges etc. you may need a engeneer friend to look at it and lastly look at what is inside like shitty radeon grafix card or a better nvidia or inteletc......

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