Adobe Acrobat Reader - on a Mac - help please

ataylormade, Feb 6, 9:13pm
Adobe Acrobat Reader - on a Mac - help please I have upgraded my version of Acrobat Reader on my Mac to enable me to read and print pdf documents. The hiccup that the upgrade has caused is that pages (even if they are clear on the screen) are printed out with a heavy red background. Can anyone assist me with the right setting I need to change to save my printing toner.

dave471, Feb 7, 7:58am
Adobe Acrobat Reader I gave away Acrobat Reader ages ago, and just use Preview now, however there must be a menu in the preferences that will change background color, or check your printer prefs.
Does your printer print color from any other applications?

ataylormade, Feb 10, 6:00am
Acrobat Reader Thanks for your response. I use Preview for reading and printing documents. The problem is with pdf documents that Acrobat Reader picks up from websites.

thegilly, Feb 10, 9:50pm
Save them to your hard drive and then open with Preview? Or else inform Adobe Reader that it is no longer to be the default helper app for viewing PDFs on the web. I can't find that option in the preferences for Safari, so I'm guessing it's in the prefs for Adobe.

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