acer laptop ram upgrade

Acer laptop ram upgrade put in a "new" 2gb DDR2 ram & computer wouldn't start up windows.I don't know much about laptops but should it be just a matter of "plug in & go" with a new ram or is ther something else I need to do?

geek_mike1998, Feb 7, 6:29 pm

And the lappy model is? 1 2gb or 2x 1gb?,..

geek_kevin16, Feb 7, 6:31 pm

Aspire 4310 currently running 512mb(which is painfully slow).Apparently capable of 4gb

geek_mike1998, Feb 7, 6:34 pm

Yeh not all ram even though it may be the correct spec for your machine will be'll find that some ram wont 'like' the existing ram, or possibly some ram wont run in your system even though it 'should'.......rams' funny stuff.....its not uncommon at all...I got two ddr2 sodimms 667mhz 512mb to upgrade a laptop the other day and neither worked in it....not unusual at all. Just try that stick by itself and it might work, otherwise you'll have to try a different brand

geek_drcspy, Feb 7, 7:14 pm

Yeah tried taking the original ram out too but still no go,trial & error can get a tad expense if buying ram from trade me in a hope they will work

geek_mike1998, Feb 7, 8:40 pm

Ram Try putting the ram stick into the top slot or number 1 slot in computer sounds like it is not reading the stick

geek_k.b., Feb 7, 8:46 pm

# 6 tried both slots,with existing ram & without,yeah just seems unable to read it

geek_mike1998, Feb 7, 8:55 pm