New laptop - need access to wireless..

maria121, Feb 8, 3:35am
New laptop - need access to wireless.. I got a new laptop today and when I try to access my wireless network. It only allows "limited access", which is of no use, because it doesn't allow access to the internet. What do I do?

dougstringer, Feb 8, 5:08am
Do you have a dhcp server running? If not, you will need to set a static ip.

benden, Feb 8, 9:38pm
Notebook Internet in Europe A bit out of left field perhaps but maybe someone here has had experience? Going to be travelling thru a number of Eastern European countries and have been told the way to connect to Internet (where there is no WiFi)is to purchase a USB phonecard for the given area. You guys know most things and maybe you have some info on the subject? Hopefully - cos it's going to be toooo late when we get there and find it's not a goer.........

drcspy, Feb 8, 9:47pm
dont go hijackign someone elses thread....

benden, Feb 8, 10:25pm
Umm drcspy, I'd said "Sorry" and Rectified my mistake - BEFORE you got grumpy, lol.

spyware, Feb 9, 12:30am
"Limited connectivity" is due to the fact that no IP address is given out by DHCP server on router/wireless access point to computer. Most likely cause is that the connection is encrypted and you gave the incorrect passphrase.

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