How many photos should a 1GB card

How many photos should a 1GB card hold on a digital camera?

geek_70schild, Feb 8, 7:59 pm

depends how many megapixels the camera is

geek_charles.j, Feb 8, 8:01 pm

Not necessarily It depends on the size of each picture, you can adjust the quality settings on your camera. This is like saying, how many apple will fit in a basket, really depends on the size of each.

geek_mone, Feb 8, 8:22 pm

I only ask as I got a friend a camera and they are saying it is holding like 20 photos which sounds off. I know about the quality settings, learned that one the hard way.

geek_70schild, Feb 8, 8:54 pm

At a stetch it could happen - if1. It is a 16 megapixel camera, and 2. They are saving the image in a RAW or uncompressed format.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 9:01 pm

i was trying to be general so you could get a general idea

geek_charles.j, Feb 8, 9:02 pm

Roughly about 1000 if each pic is 1MB. So there you go rough estimate.

geek_mone, Feb 8, 9:04 pm

Just figured I bought a dud card, hmmmm, but will pass this along. Thanks

geek_70schild, Feb 8, 9:05 pm

.. Megapixels of the camera is a limit, not a size. Better would be to have said it depends on the megapixels of the picture. But ultimately depends on size of the file AFTER compression.

geek_gbbrot, Feb 8, 9:21 pm

How deep is a hole?

geek_chris_r1, Feb 8, 9:23 pm

three feet

geek_70schild, Feb 8, 9:27 pm

Average formatted 1gb card Is about 970mb, multiply average camera photo size of a reasonable resolution final size of about 4mb = 242 photos Up or down calculations for what average size the pic's are that THE camera in question is taking .. . .. . .. .. .

geek_mrfxit, Feb 8, 9:37 pm

Based on the common .Jpg format

geek_mrfxit, Feb 8, 9:37 pm

Some ppl need it 4 feet by 2

geek_mrfxit, Feb 8, 9:41 pm

Maybe the card is dead, or they just haven't put it in, or in correctly. Or maybe the card is unformatted? The 20 pics they would have taken will be stored internally. 1GB SD card can hold roughly 800 pics.

geek_lostdude, Feb 8, 11:48 pm

My partner's sister turned down an offer of an 8 megapixel camera for her daughters 16th, from their mother. Turns out the spoilt little princess has been eyeing up a 10 megapixel. Apparently she needs 10 megapixels to take good quality images for bebo and emailing. And likes the colour of it. Stupid, pointless consumerism makes me feel quesy.

geek_cybertao, Feb 9, 12:17 am

I got an old canon power shot that is nigh on 15 years old and can take 200 - 1000+ pictures on a 128MB compact flash card (122MiB) albit the photos are ~0.6Mp @ 640x480. but shes a bueat

geek_pc_nut, Feb 9, 12:34 am

Sorry number what does it mean to be unformatted??

geek_70schild, Feb 9, 5:54 am

Some overhead for 'filesystem' Memory cards have 1G of space on them but some of that space gets used by the filesystem for keeping track of where the data got put, filenames, datestamps, etc. So while a card might have 1G of memory 'unformatted', it might only hold 970M of files when you allow for the space that gets used by 'formatting' it (making a filesystem)

geek_little_egypt, Feb 9, 10:11 am

The card size is the storage capacity of the flash chip itself (unformatted) the FAT(32) filesystem as little_egypt says some space is used for that. it could also be down to the company using base 10 instead of base 2 numbers to calculate the disk size

geek_pc_nut, Feb 9, 1:36 pm

I lol'd. Spoilt kids :(

geek_majinbuu1023, Feb 9, 3:40 pm