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whangacomp, Feb 9, 10:08pm
Web hosting vs broadband and own server I would like to host my own website, use one of my servers, with a broadband connection for a business website.
alternatively using a web hosting company, any suggestions, comments appreciated

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 10:17pm
You want much faster than 128kb/sec upload if you have images or audio or video or a large potential audience.

executor1, Feb 9, 10:50pm
Not sure what bandwidth speeds they offer, but this would be cheaper than running your own host. http://hostwebsite.co.nz/

cybertao, Feb 9, 10:52pm
Don't do it. You won't get anywhere near the value for money a hosting company can provide.

hdmovies, Feb 9, 10:56pm
100% agree with cybertao. .

whangacomp, Feb 9, 11:18pm
I'm looking at the $ value, any suggestions on web hosting companies?

ilottl, Feb 9, 11:24pm
I use astronet.co.nz. $9 a month, hosts 9 domains So far I have 2 on it. It seems to do the job. I used to have my own server but needed the space and the loud drives peeved me off. Plus I was liable for the restarts and if things went wrong, which they did (bloody cheap server). Now I can just moan at someone else (which I have never needed to).

katriana, Feb 9, 11:29pm
Look at this one various $$ depending on what you want web-wide-hosting.co.nz

We've hosted with them for years (as have many other TNers) and never had any probs

whangacomp, Feb 9, 11:41pm
I would like to use linux hosting with mysql, I'll write the site in php using netobjects fusion 9

badcam, Feb 9, 11:59pm
As much as like to support NZ, I think hosting overseas is far better value for money. US$4.95 for instance gets you unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains & parked, and a FREE domain name (as long as you host with them, and it's yours, not theirs if you leave). Great support. After all, you don't need to go visit the premises. I use http://www.lunarpages.com/basic-hosting/

badcam, Feb 10, 12:01am
Plus, you can backup all your data and images onto the host. I use a programme that encrypts and sends via SSL. Very handy. Great for syncing between PC's.

pc_nut, Feb 10, 12:10am
I have a little webserver. it does work http://resistorhelper.no-ip.org .if your using home "economy" class broadband it may not be enough and also adding your site to a search engine may take time (at least a week or two for google to discover your site and it may be the last result in a few million unless you pay or search a specific keyword).

mysteryman007, Feb 10, 2:30am
Free sounds better to me Like pc_nut i run my own servers through no-ip.com redirection site (not keen on posting the url's here as it has a number of files that i only share amongst friends & family). I find it alot easier to manage & update things that way. But as for a business situation, it would depend on the amount of traffic you would be expecting your site to use. Maybe it would suit a small business. But if your counting costs, then you can't really beat free software(apache server), the cost of your net connection (which you pay for anyway at home), & you can run on a basic pc (my ftp server is running on a 350mhz pc with 256mb sd ram & worth about $40-60 second hand), & a no-ip redirection to your dynamic ip address so you have a domain name & not an ip address (also free). You could also make mirror download links to savefile.com to host those important or larger files that may require more bandwidth due to popularity etc (has 100mb limit on files but is also you guessed it, free!).

little_egypt, Feb 10, 4:18am
Home hosting is far from free Leaving the computer on 24/7 costs quite a lot and you get pretty sad upstream, even on a FS/FS plan you'll be lucky if you get 1mbps upstream which is what matters for a server. Look into google apps [http://google.com/a/] if you have a domain name already you can have google handle all your mail and host a basic website for free. Also proper hosting is dirt cheap, far less than it's costing you to keep a PC turned on 24/7

charles.j, Feb 10, 5:26am
I've done it/doing it Use ubuntu with Apache2. I've never had a problem with it

richms, Feb 10, 11:16am
If you self host, it will be slow for one visitor at a time, and if you get more then 3, well forget it, that will give them about 240 kbit/s each which means it will take forever to load anything.

charles.j, Feb 10, 11:21am
Yea it does a bit you have to make sure the pages are light

whangacomp, Feb 10, 6:11pm
Thanks I would like to self host, I was planning on using a proliant server, ubuntu 8.10, mysql and apache, but bandwidth might be a problem as suggested, so text only and limiting the size of any photos might solve it.

ferita, Feb 10, 6:15pm
Unless your a security expert I wouldnt host at home, You are just inviting hackers.

swivel, Feb 10, 7:30pm
If you want to host your own Just make sure you have a Static IP. If it's just a STD web site it's easy. Most FTP from my site (xtra) and get around 600kbps and don't complain about pages slow. Have a good Firewall Program and use the Modems firewall as well. Cost can't be that bad, as I run 9 Servers (7 are Game servers) here at the shop (And normal shop work) and last months bill was $68

little_egypt, Feb 10, 8:34pm
Last month's power bill? I don't think so.

swivel, Feb 10, 9:16pm
Little_EGG Yes I was wrong, It's $69.42.

little_egypt, Feb 10, 9:30pm
Much lower than I'd have expected perhaps I need to redo my math, I thought they used a bit more power than that.

cybertao, Feb 10, 9:44pm
I've mentioned that I use myhost.co.nz before They are about to up their plan's storage and bandwidth. $20 a month will give 40Gb of bandwidth and 2Gb storage, as well as MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, a secure ecommerce server, a shopping cart, and several other miscellaneous things. Daily on site back up, weekly off site. And they are far from the cheapest available. No worries on your end about hardware failure, software failure, maintenance time, or loss of internet service. No initial investment in hardware, power and bandwidth costs, paying for a static IP, or the personal time needed to set it all up.

vickyh1, Feb 10, 11:12pm
Power bill Our (small) office is well under $100 month, we have 5 servers full time, 6 PCs and various other office equipment including aircon.

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