Can't access Internet Explorer

usoldies, Feb 9, 11:42pm
Can't access Internet Explorer was using it earlier, now I can't get it, anyone else having this problem??

kevin16, Feb 9, 11:46pm
You make it seem like a bad thing,try firefox,..

tptrader, Feb 9, 11:56pm
Very helpful kevin what exactly do you mean by "can't access Internet Explorer"

kevin16, Feb 10, 12:03am
I thought so,saves dicking around to fix a lesser product,.. time is money to some,....

usoldies, Feb 10, 1:59am
It comes up with cannot access this site, and says maybe I am not connected to the Internet (which I am) or maybe the site is having problems.. It was fine this morning.. Kevin, thanks (I think lol)

soodanim, Feb 10, 2:02am
And the site is? maybe it's down?

usoldies, Feb 10, 2:10am
Says Internet Explorer cannot display the Web Page. soodanim, I thought that too, will wait and see if it comes back later.. If not will have to try an alternative..

icioufa, Feb 10, 2:14am
Try using another browser & clear your cache & cookies using ccleaner then try...

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