printer ink reset

lazzaa, Feb 10, 9:25am
Printer ink reset Hi all, just bought a CISS Ink system for my brother DCP130c printer, but my printer won't reset its ink level indicators and therefore won't print cause it thinks the black is still empty, any ideas how to reset the ink level system on one of these printers ? i've done 3 hours googling for a answer and even tried putting tape ofver the level sensors to trick the printer but still shows the ink levels of the old cartridges. Any tips appreciated

dexter4, Feb 10, 9:33am
You may have already tried this.. but go into the printers windows, right click on the printer, properties, and see if you can find a advanced/maintanance tab. If theres no option to "install new catridges" you could try running a nozzel clean or something and see if it picks up the levels after that.

hakatere1, Feb 10, 4:10pm
You may find an answer here:

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