ipod nano 3G vs ipod nano 4G

sadclownxxx, Feb 10, 11:40pm
Ipod nano 3G vs ipod nano 4G getting an ipod nano soon, which 1 shud i buy?

morrisman1, Feb 11, 12:56am
Might as well get the latest you will get more capacity for your $$$

carlie, Feb 11, 1:27am
I like the shape of the 3G better for some reason but if you are buying new you may have no choice but 4G. They are pretty similar arn't they other than 4G has the shake feature. I don't know anyone that uses the shake feature as it changes song whenever you move, lol.

kylestyle, Feb 11, 3:02am
The clickwheels are stiffer on the new models, which makes it hard to cycle through your list of artists, in fact, downright annoying. I personally have just been using my Ipods at work with special headphones that filter out loud frequencies and bass, so I can't comment on the sound quality, but the consensus is that Ipod have gone downhill in sound crispness since the last generation. So yes, you get nicer colours and movie playback on the Nanos, but you get awful clickwheels and poorer sound. Read Amazon.com reviews and they will confirm. Wish I took more notice of it when I went to buy my 120GB Classic to replace my 8GB Nano that developed a dicky Hold switch..

o_loud_1, Feb 11, 7:05am
The old ones are better because they will charge on most ipod docks there as the new ones don't

richms, Feb 11, 9:39am
The 3g one is a bit impractical in lots of pockets, the 4g is the same shape roughly as the 2g, which a lot of people prefered to the 3g one.

sadclownxxx, Feb 15, 3:06am
The new 4G ipod nanos come with a dock connecter so you can use them with any dock

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