can someone help me out with ADSL2+

lrosebudl, Feb 11, 3:24am
Can someone help me out with ADSL2+ Hi! I am thinking up upgrading our 4-port speedtouch modem to ADSL2+ as I have checked and it is available on our address. Are all of these modems wireless?? We don't need a wireless one cos we have apple wireless; but I think we do need 4-ports - at present I have 1 plug for the phone line; one for the power cable and one for our apple wireless box. Having a look at this I don't think I need 4 port do I??? as only one port being used. Probably this is all such a real dumb blond question but went into Telecom and they were pretty useless. Thanks for your time in helping me out here. (Telecom have a $100 one-port for sale that I could purchase but dunno what brand)

drcspy, Feb 11, 3:30am
Much cheaper on trademe .

icioufa, Feb 11, 4:37am
it's a ADSL2 + thompson & cost you $199.00 if you break the contract as said cheaper else where...

icioufa, Feb 11, 4:43am
Correction Thomson...

spyware, Feb 11, 4:53am
Telecom emplyees are generally dumber than the average blond. Manila support even worse.

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