Any Microsoft Access users in here ??

rodey, Feb 11, 10:42pm
Any Microsoft Access users in here ?? I have a database for booking that has a date coloumn which covers each day of about 2 months.
When I was taught how to do it I was told each date needs to be typed in manually,as you can imagine this is time consuming . Basically I just to put in the first day of march and then have every day up until the end of april in a vertical coloumn.

Surely there must be an easier way to do this than type in each day..I kno win excell it can be done quite quickly but am stumped to how to do it it in access.

any help most welcome..

p.s I am not very literate in this programme so the simpler it is explained the better ..

johnlyn, Feb 11, 10:54pm
This may help

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