Can't access internet - any ideas where to look

angelzw, Feb 13, 4:30am
Can't access internet - any ideas where to look Story is : Using internet explorer running Vista Home Premium. Person tries to open internet, pop up window comes up and person clicks "Always block"! He can't remember what the window said just that it comes up every now and then. Now no internet access but can access MSN so no problem with connection. Can anyone tell me how to unblock. Standard "web page cannot be displayed". Anyone help?

johnlyn, Feb 13, 4:34am
What is your AV?

paddaricko, Feb 13, 4:50am
Looks like an aboriginal lizard to me.

orkses_is_great, Feb 13, 5:10am
If its Windows Live OneCare In advanced firewall settings you can choose the programs to block and allow, try allowing anything you don't think should be blocked.

angelzw, Feb 13, 5:10am
Haha - it's meant to be a gekko. Back to the issue at hand - any ideas on how I can unblock it so IE can run? Oh yeah did I mention it's running Nortons Internet Security? Going to remove it - waste of time I know.

angelzw, Feb 13, 5:12am
Tried that already. Added IE to the list made sure it was not blocked but still nothing. Account is with Farmside and they said it's outside their field of expertise as all the settings for IE were correct.

angelzw, Feb 13, 5:13am
Will be offline for a few hours (work) be back aft for a few hours (work) be back after 11pm.

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