FF Adblock Plus icon disappeared

linzis, Feb 14, 12:06am
FF Adblock Plus icon disappeared Not sure what has happened but the above icon which was sitting at the right of my Google Search toolbar has disappeared. Tools & Add Ons still show as enabled, so I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same.
any ideas? thanks

soodanim, Feb 14, 12:09am
Mine did that all the time alot of the addon icons disappeared...I got around it by created a new toolbar and adding everything there. I think somehow the toolbar gets reset...Right click the toolbar and customise....it will be there to drag back to the toolbar.

linzis, Feb 14, 12:12am
Soodanim the icon isn't showing in Customise Toolbars, and also in options in Addons the "show in toolbar" is ticked?

linzis, Feb 14, 12:23am
Have gone to restore default set, and ABP icon is back.
When I drag the icon to my toolbar, the APB box appears but with no visible "ABP" only the dropdown arrow.
If you click on the ABP box nothing happens, if you right click it comes up with Toolbar options.
Would previously come up with ABP menu?

soodanim, Feb 15, 12:41pm
Mine has a tiny arrow beside it....suggest you try adding a new toolbar and dragging the icon there to check it's working properly. Try putting a spacer between icons....do you have alot of icons on the toolbar?

pcmaster, Feb 15, 12:51pm
In firefox press ctrl+shift+E then click "options" and select where u want the icon to be.

soodanim, Feb 15, 1:08pm
Ctrl+shift+E brings up (well for me) a Edit CSS with no "options" available....?

pcmaster, Feb 15, 1:13pm
Brings up adblock plus prefs for me

lostdude, Feb 15, 1:15pm
What other addons do you guys have enabled? Tried disabling all addons & themes EXCEPT ABP?

pcmaster, Feb 15, 1:27pm
Me? linkification, ietab, colorful tabs, and oldbar, hate that ff3 default look.

soodanim, Feb 15, 1:38pm
Hmmm definately not adblock preferences for me...even those it does say it should be...Tho still using FF2...I just hate FF3...lol

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