Canon S9000 Printer

martinclan, Feb 14, 8:10am
Canon S9000 Printer Any ideas. I have a Canon S9000 colour printer. 6 Cartridges. Blk,
Magenta,Cyan,Yellow,Photo Magenta,Photo Cyan. The Black seems to have stoped printing, Although all the other colours are still ok.
Does this mean that the head needs replacing?
have deep cleaned, put new cartridges in, carried out nozzel check, and head alighnment BUT STILL NO BLACK.

Anybody any ideas.??????

drcspy, Feb 14, 8:18am
Remove the printer head and take the ink carts out of it then wash it either in HOT water or alcohol....i did this with my s520 canon and it cleard em out......dry it VERY thoroughly afterwards....(Ps: I used 12yr chivas regal whiskey !)

drcspy, Feb 14, 8:20am
I dried it with the wifes smelt kinda nice after the whiskey'll also have to block the 'outlets' on the ink carts you remove otherwise they may leak

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