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christopher53, Feb 16, 7:36am
Thunderbird email programme How do I select 4 or 5 emails in my 'sent' folder and combine them together to send as a new email?
Someone has requested these emails from me and I would like to just send them all as 1 email (if that makes sense)

mwh99, Feb 16, 1:03pm
What you can try is creating a new folder in T-bird named ie. Bulk. Copy the emails you want to send into that folder. Then select all the emails CTRL+a , once they're all highlighted ( blue ) just right click your mouse anywhere over the blue area and select 'Forward as Attachments' . This will open a new message box with the emails set as attachments. The creating of the folder and copying of the files is because i don't know how to select them individually from amongst a group. If anyone knows can they share so we can put this thread to rest, Cheers.

pheonix, Feb 16, 8:50pm
You don't have to create a folder Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on each email you want included. When finished, release the key and right-click any blue part and select the forward as attachments. Otherwise all you can do is copy and paste the contents of each email into a new email.

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